Comprehensive Patient Financial Policy 

Thank you for allowing Treasure Valley Nasal & Sinus Center, PLLC to provide your nasal and sinus medical care. We are committed to providing you with the best care possible in an environment that is honest and straightforward. Our financial policy is different from many clinics, so we ask that you read it thoroughly before your visit. Treasure Valley Nasal & Sinus Center, PLLC employs dedicated staff to answer any questions you may have about our policy. 

What to bring to your first visit:
  • Arrive 30 minutes early if this is your first visit with Dr. Killian at Treasure Valley Nasal & Sinus Center, PLLC
  • For subsequent visits, arrive 15 minutes early
  • Insurance card(s)
  • Government issued photo identification
  • Medication list
  • Mask 

Check-In: Please bring your current insurance card with you to EACH visit. You will be asked to pay your co-pay at each visit. On follow-up visits you will be asked to verify all demographic and insurance information so that our records remain up-to-date. 
Patients who are self-pay will be responsible for payment in full and should be prepared to provide the ability to pay at check-in. Our staff can assist you with a payment plan and determine the amount you are required to pay.

Forms of Payment: Treasure Valley Nasal & Sinus Center, PLLC accepts all major insurance cards, personal checks, cash, and money orders.

High Deductible Insurance Plans: Patients with a high insurance plan deductible are required to provide a form of secure payment (credit card or debit card) prior to receiving services. Cash, money order, or a personal check will also be accepted.

Financial Assistance: Treasure Valley Nasal & Sinus Center, PLLC staff is here to assist you. If a payment plan can be established, it must be pre-approved. There may be a minimum amount that must be paid at the time of your medical service.

Pathology Services: Our charges do not include the charge for specimens that require processing and evaluation by an outside laboratory. These outside providers, who may or may not participate with your insurance plan, will directly handle billing for these services. We will forward your insurance information on your behalf to these service providers. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and up to date insurance information. 

Additional Procedures: Office visits are billed separate from procedures or surgeries. Nasal endoscopic exams are considered a surgery. Surgeries provided on the same day as an office visit will appear separately on your bill and have a separate fee. 

Return Check Fees: Any returned check or electronic payment that a bank cannot process and credit to the patient’s or guarantor’s account may result in a fee being charged to Treasure Valley Nasal & Sinus Center, PLLC. Such fees will be posted by Treasure Valley Nasal & Sinus Center, PLLC  to the patient’s or guarantor’s account. 

Missed appointments: Missed appointments represent a cost to us, to you, and to other patients who could have been seen in the time set aside for you. We reserve the right to charge a fee for canceled or missed appointments. For cancellations, 24-hour notice prior to the appointment is requested. Treasure Valley Nasal & Sinus Center, PLLC reserves the right to terminate our medical relationship due to repeat patient appointment cancellation or failure to appear. If the relationship is terminated, Treasure Valley Nasal & Sinus Center, PLLC will provide written notice to you as required by Idaho law. The only exception to billing for a no-show appointment is when a state and/or federal policy exists that precludes billing the patient for a  no show or missed appointment.
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