Symptoms of Sinus Tumors for ENT Doctor Diagnosis

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Most nasal and sinus tumors are benign or non-cancerous and do not spread to other parts of the body. Benign tumors are not harmful unless they grow large enough to encroach and disrupt other important anatomic structures. Malignant tumors of the nasal cavity and sinuses are rare but often aggressive. Therefore, early detection of a nasal and sinus tumor is important to allow for removal before they have an opportunity to spread to other important nearby anatomic structures such as the eye and the brain.

Treasure Valley Nasal and Sinus Center provides the latest, minimally invasive techniques to diagnose, treat, and remove sinonasal or pituitary tumors (tumors of the nose, sinus, or pituitary gland).
Symptoms of sinus tumors include:

Sinus Tumor Treatment and Surgery by Boise, Meridian ENT

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Sinus tumors are typically diagnosed using a nasal endoscope. This is a small camera at the end of a narrow tube which is inserted through the nostril to allow the ENT physician to see the tumor. If a tumor is identified, other imaging studies such as a CT scan or MRI scan may be used to obtain more information. 

Tumors also require a biopsy for accurate diagnosis. To determine if the tumor is benign or malignant, a small sample of tissue can be removed in the office or operating room and sent to pathology for evaluation. If the tumor is malignant Dr. Killian will discuss the best surgical approach for removal and arrange consultations with radiation and medical oncology for any needed adjuvant treatment. We partner with St Luke’s Meridian and St. Alphonsus hospitals.

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